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take control of your
gut health with
root postbiotics

more effective than probiotics,

the fast-track to gut happy

Gut Health supplement capsule holder

root health benefits

100% Plastic free packaging
gut health supplement to reduce bloating
postbiotic improve regularity
Postbiotics boost immunity
Postbiotics improve energy and focus

all natural ingredients. made with care.

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gluten free

no preservatives

no binders

no eggs

no nuts

shellfish free

sesame free

what are postbiotics?

When probiotics and prebiotics meet in the gut, the end-product is postbiotics.

It’s postbiotics that the gut actually needs to keep you healthy.

Root delivers exactly what the gut needs, putting you on the fast-track to gut happy.

Prebiotics (soluble fibre)


soluble fibre


probiotics (live beneficial bacteria)


live bacteria


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end product

what are postbiotics?
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clinically tested ingredients

In placebo-controlled human clinical studies, root postbiotics have been proven to:

  • soothe abdominal pain and bloating

  • relieve constipation

  • increase the probiotic flora in the microbiome

  • reduce blood sugar

gut health,
the sustainable way

100% plastic free packaging

At root we see sustainability as a never ending journey. We aim to continuously improve our processes and materials to best protect the planet we all call home.

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hear from our gut-happy customers

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sustainable refills

Our monthly refills are plastic free and sustainable to boot. Fit through your post box to make it even easier to stick to your postbiotic gut health regime.

If you already have your reusable capsule holder click the button below to order yourself a refill.

Sustainable gut health made easy.

the Root difference

Root Postbiotics offers an advanced gut health solution with superior benefits. Unlike traditional options where you might buy probiotic tablets, postbiotics offer a more direct approach to digestive wellness. These beneficial compounds, produced by probiotics during fermentation, are key to maintaining a healthy gut without the need for live bacteria.


Our unique postbiotic stands out by including prebiotic elements in each supplement. This combination ensures that while you nurture your gut with postbiotics, you're also fuelling it with prebiotic supplements, fostering an ideal environment for gut health. Our all-in-one solutions simplify your wellness routine while offering the combined benefits of both prebiotics and postbiotics. Root postbiotics – the fast track to gut happy.

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