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we do sustainability differently

Complex and essential eco-systems are everywhere, from the amazon rainforest and great barrier reef, to the trillions of bacteria living in the gut microbiome. These eco-systems face different challenges and therefore, we strive to keep improving the ways we do things to protect the precious world we live in.


Our packaging has been carefully designed to protect your postbiotics whilst striving to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

reusable capsule holder

Made from recycled aluminium which is seen as the planets most sustainable material. Its durable, light weight and used 333 time less energy to recycle than glass. 

cardboard tube and monthly refill boxes

Made from recycled paper and printed with eco-friendly ink. When used they can be put in the paper waste bin to be recycled again. 

bio-degradable refill bags

These bags look simple for a reason. They are free from excess printing and have been designed to be home composted. Throw them in the food waste or regular bin and they will slowly disappear into nothing.

even our circular logo....

Designed to reflect our passion for a better world, where sustainability is a never ending journey rather than a destination.

Image by Pat Whelen

net-zero and beyond

We go beyond achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Instead, we have an environmental benefit. We not only offset our carbon footprint but we actively remove additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


We do this because to believe that it is our duty to act in ways that protect the future of our planet and all of the communities that call it home.

sustainable by default

Our supplements are delivered in sustainable material, designed to protect your gut boosters as well as the environment.

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