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At root we understand the importance of a healthy gut. It's one of the major causes of health problems today. This is not surprising when you consider it is the area of the body which is most exposed to the outside world. After all, it is our gut lining which decides on what to absorb into the body and what to reject.

root postbiotics have been designed to provide the gut with what it actually needs. Our gut formula removes the limitations and problems that off the shelf probiotics face resulting in a faster and more efficient route to a happy gut.

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why take postbiotics?

For probiotics, the gut is like an obstacle course. Only a very small percentage of the probiotics you eat will survive this obstacle course and are able to have a positive effect on your body.


Root postbiotics however, don't play by the same rules. The same obstacles which probiotics face don't apply to postbiotics. As a result, the body is able to use almost all of the postbiotics you eat, so you and your gut health are performing at your best.

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(live bacteria)

most probiotic bacteria can be destroyed

by stomach acid and don't make it to the gut

are wasted by the body unless they come into contact with prebiotics in the gut

the strength of probiotic supplements deteriorate quickly in transit and on the shelf

probiotic bacteria must make it to the gut alive to exert health benefits


(heat-killed, cultured bacteria)

postbiotics are stomach acid resistant and are not destroyed before reaching the gut


compounds the gut actually needs to exert health benefits for efficient absorption


the strength of postbiotic supplements do not deteriorate quickly, you get all of the goodness


posbiotics are the beneficial compounds created by probiotics in the gut 


your fast track to gut happy

what is the microbiome?

Your Microbiome is the vast ecosystem of organisms (microbiota) such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi that live within the gut. Collectively, the 100 trillion gut microbiota in your gut are heavier than the average brain, and are vital in regulating your immune system, digesting food, metabolism, producing vitamins and even maintaining mental wellbeing.


The gut is known as your body’s second brain, and the Gut-Brain Axis goes some way in explaining this. Look after it, and it will look after you!

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Image by Dim Hou

the Hazda tribe

The Hadza people of Tanzania are one of the world’s last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes. They forage berries, hunt many species of animals and eat from the land, but of course no processed foods or refined sugars. As a result it is no surprise the tribe possess far greater diversity of bacteria within the gut microbiome.

what does that mean for us?

Furthermore, researcher interest in the Hazda people remains great as they appear to experience no diabetes, no colon cancer, colitis or Crohn’s disease, no autoimmune disease, and obesity is unknown. Could these conditions, rampant in the developed world, be the consequence of a shifting balance in gut bacteria due to our modern diet. Think about it. Act on it.

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the benefit of root postbiotics

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the team

Sam - team.png

Dr. Sam Ho, PhD

research director

Me - team.png

Tom Blears


Pretty - team.png

Dr. Pretty Tsai, PhD

product manager

Dr. Ching-Wei Chen, PhD

senior scientific advisor

Portrait of a Senior Man

Simon Thomas

sustainability manager

Close-up Portrait

Jamie F.

design manager

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