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the gut reset plan

start your 90 day reset plan and save £40

When your gut health is getting in the way of you being at your best, hit the reset button. Restoring balance to your gut microbiome allows you to be at your physical and mental best.

90 day plan - £80

take control of your gut health

The demands of fast paced modern-day living, such as daily stress, sleep disruption, antibiotic use, and a lack of nutritious food and exercise, have the potential to upset the natural balance of the gut. This disturbance can cause bloating and loss of energy, as well as impacting your mood, immune response, weight, and sleep.

Thankfully, the gut's robust and balance can be restored through postbiotics. A healthy and balanced gut microbiome not only improves digestion but also enhances overall vitality and well-being. Therefore, it is essential to prioritise gut health, as it can significantly benefit your overall health and wellness. Put simply, caring for your gut means your gut will care for you!

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most sustainable

90 days of gut goodness is also our most sustainable option. All of your 180 capsules are delivered in 1 of our reusable aluminium capsule holders.


With less deliveries comes less carbon emissions. A happy gut has never felt so good.


(live bacteria)

most probiotic bacteria can be destroyed

by stomach acid and don't make it to the gut

are wasted by the body unless they come into contact with prebiotics in the gut

the strength of probiotic supplements deteriorate quickly in transit and on the shelf

probiotic bacteria must make it to the gut alive to exert health benefits


(heat-killed, cultured bacteria)

postbiotics are stomach acid resistant and are not destroyed before reaching the gut


compounds the gut actually needs to exert health benefits for efficient absorption


the strength of postbiotic supplements do not deteriorate quickly, you get all of the goodness


posbiotics are the beneficial compounds created by probiotics in the gut 


your fast track to gut happy

what is the microbiome?

Your Microbiome is the vast ecosystem of organisms (microbiota) such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi that live within the gut. Collectively, the 100 trillion gut microbiota in your gut are heavier than the average brain, and are vital in regulating your immune system, digesting food, metabolism, producing vitamins and even maintaining mental wellbeing.


The gut is known as your body’s second brain, and the Gut-Brain Axis goes some way in explaining this. Look after it, and it will look after you!

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time to repair your gut health

Transform your gut health with our Gut Reset Plan. Designed to repair your gut, this comprehensive program targets the core of digestive health, providing a path to rejuvenate and restore your gut's natural balance. There are many hidden cons with most gut health and bloating supplements you find on the shelf which you can read more about [link to blog], however Root postbiotics do not play by the same rules and provide exactly what you need to keep your gut happy.


Our Postbiotic gut health supplement, has been expertly crafted to assist in healing the gut, to both repair and strengthen the gut lining, alleviate inflammation, and rebalance the microbiome. Whether you're dealing with bloating, irregularity, or simply seeking to enhance your overall gut health, our Gut Reset Plan offers you a simple gut health solution.

Our Gut Reset Plan is your ally in achieving optimal gut health and a happier, more balanced you.

the benefit of root postbiotics

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